About the Diplomatic Courier

The Diplomatic Courier is a Global Affairs magazine. It publishes quarterly in print and daily on the Web. Visit www.diplomaticourier.org to learn more.

The Diplomatic Courier started as a quarterly magazine in fall of 2006. In fall 2007 the Courier launched a Web site with exclusive news, blogs, and resources not found on the print edition.

The magazine is published four times a year and features exclusive articles that are not found in the online version. The print magazine features:
Features: In-depth articles authored by global correspondents and leaders;
Negotiation Watch: a roundup of the most important global negotiations processes;
Global Organizations Report: a roundup of what the world’s most important organizations are negotiating and deciding on; and,
Book Reviews: What every aspiring diplomat or student of global affairs should have on their bookshelf.

The Web edition of the magazine publishes daily, featuring:
Features: In-depth articles, analysis, Op-Eds, and essays authored by Courier’s Global team of correspondents.
News: Readers get a daily roundup of U.S. and Foreign Media’s headlines catalogued by geographic region.
Blogs: Opinions and analyses based on facts and fair and balanced approaches. Submissions are accepted from all over the world and are peer-reviewed by the editorial team and other journalists.
Resources: The Courier publishes a number of reports online providing a comprehensive list of global information all in one place.
Newsletters: They include the Global Elections Watch (Free), the Negotiation Watch (Subscription Only), and the Global Organizations Report (Subscription Only).

The Courier’s team spans the globe. Journalists, correspondents, and students and scholars are only some of the titles that over 40 contributors, editors, and designers have. To read about them, the topics they cover, and their background, click here.

Directly from the field coverage. The latest ideas and processes in negotiations, conflict resolution, preventive diplomacy, international affairs, peacebuilding, and rule of law. Concepts and theories from the widest variety of related disciplines.

Accessible: The Courier is produced in high quality content and format but low cost. It is published online and in print, featuring two distinct publications that reach readers globally.
Intergenerational: The Courier provides a forum for generations in foreign policy to exchange ideas by publishing established voices alongside new and young voices (under 35).
Global: The Courier is a truly international publication with voices spanning the globe and issues that connect the world.

Would you like to join our team as an intern, contributor, or sales associate? Click to read what positions we have currently available and how to apply.

Students of foreign policy, young professionals in the field, and specialists alike, are all welcome to submit their manuscripts for publication as Web site features, blogs, or print features. Read these quick guidelines and a list of suggested topics before you email us your manuscript.

The Diplomatic Courier is an independent publication both in its voice and its organization. Though it publishes opinions from all political spectrums, it strictly follows the most important ideals of freedom of expression, individualism, and fair and balanced journalism.



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