World’s Bi-Weekly Blue Streak

September 19, 2008

The Dead Snake

 September 20, 2008: SOUTH AFRICA–On Friday, South Africa’s ruling party met to decide the fate of President Thabo Mbeki, barring him from a third term as state president. The move comes as a result of tension between fellow party member Jacob Zuma and subsequent trade unions. Mbeki was charged for orchestrating a conspiracy against Zuma, something he denied heavily before the court. Mbeki will be allowed to finish out his term despite voices calling for his resignation. There is fear among the international community that Mbeki’s ousting could lead to a pro-Mbeki faction split, propped by the large investors who support Mbeki. None of this seems to be concerning Zuma, who is allowing Mbeki to finish out his term because he reportedly doesn’t want to “waste his energy on a dead snake.” 

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Wiping Israel Off the Map (But Not the People) 

 September 20, 2008: IRAN–Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a name for himself with his claim that the Holocaust didn’t happen, his threat to wipe Israel off the map, and an uncomfortable nuclear sanctions tango with the United Nations. However, this week Ahmadinejad back-peddled, stating: “We have no problem with the [Israeli] people.” This remark echoes a trend in the last few months where Ahmadinejad has placed blame on the Israeli government, even going so far as to say it “tricked” the Israeli people into shielding the “Zionist government.” Some believe that this lessening of hostilities may indicate Iran’s willingness to respond to sanctions, but Ahmadinejad has so far shown no sign of suspending uranium enrichment. When Ahmadinejad travels to New York this week to address the United Nations, he’ll have to prove his words are more than fairy floss.  

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 Quote of the Week:

“You’re looking at the modern miracle that John McCain helped create.”

-Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Republican advisor, while pointing to his Blackberry

DL: Looks like the Republicans are feeling threatened that Democrats invented the Internet
By Dana Liebelson



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