International Relations and Security Network Unveils New Web Site

September 5, 2008

By Diplomatic Courier Staff


If you are a student, scholar, or professional perhaps you already have a number of Web sites and materials that you consult for your research, papers, or simply to get your information. The International Relations and Security Network (ISN)—together with an ever expanding global network of organizations, publications, institutions, and others—has gathered the best and most comprehensive information in one place: the New ISN Web site.


“The ISN believes that knowledge sharing is critical to the security and well being of our planet and its people. We hope our new website will make our mission a little easier to realize and return even greater value to our partners and users,” said Chris Pallaris, Executive Editor of ISN’s Security Watch.


The ISN offers a number of services and features that you will not find anywhere else on the web. Here are the most recent ones offered:


Policy Briefs: Briefings and recommendations from the world’s foremost policy experts
IR Directory: A full listing of public and private sector organizations active in IR and security
Podcasts: Interviews with leading voices in the international arena
Special Reports: In-depth reports on the issues driving the international agenda


Make sure to visit the new ISN for all things global at: http://www.isn.ethz.ch/isn/


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